Buenos Dias! Ni Hao! Language Classes come to Piedmont's, APCP Summer Enrichment Program

Wishing your child had time to take language during the
school year?
  Looking for a small
class-size learning environment?  Want to keep up language skills over the

Immerse them in language! New
this Summer the APCP Summer Enrichment Program classes in Spanish and Mandarin
offered by PLS and PLS partner Viva El Espanol.  Classes available for
elementary and middle school students in 2-week and 1-week session. 

For more information on all language and summer programs
offered go to: http://www.piedmontportal.org/schools/k-12-summer-enrichment/

A taste of our offerings:

Spanish:  South American Adventure comes to Piedmont- Take a journey with us to
discover the beauty of South America’s wildlife, music, food and landscape.
Campers will craft projects inspired by the culture and arts of various
countries in South America during this fun and enriching experience.

Or perhaps–Spanish: Cooking-Latin American
 will pique your child’s senses   ¡Provecho!
 Join us on a sensory exploration of traditional
cuisine from all over Latin America. We will see, smell, make and taste a
different kid-friendly dish each day.  ¡Delicioso!

Mandarin: for Beginning Students. This class introduces basic spoken vocabulary and
simple dialogues, as well as approx. 50 characters. Each class utilizes games
(guessing, matching, bingo, etc.), learning/ reviewing conversation patterns,
songs or rhymes, and a basic drawing or creative project at the end of class to
illustrate and strengthen new vocabulary. Themes include numbers,
introductions, family, body, fruits, colors and shapes, school activities,
animals and a brief look at China’s geography.

For the continuing Mandarin Student - Dive into Chinese Culture. Explore Chinese
culture and holidays/ celebrations in a small classroom setting with
individualized attention. Students will learn about a range of aspects of
Chinese culture, learn several songs and dances, work on Chinese-themed crafts,
and have a chance to make and sample Chinese food. If possible, the class will
include a cultural field trip.


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