The Best Sandwich in Piedmont Comes From ...

... Mulberry's Market, the home town "hero" in our readers' poll

Piedmont Patch announces (with relish!) that viewers picked as their top sandwich source in and around Piedmont. The home town store garnered 47 percent of the vote in our "Best of 2012" poll. "The See Jane sandwich is fantastic!" one reader commented.

came in second with 36 percent of the vote, while , and had fewer votes. Viewers also submitted "write-in votes" for Genova Delicatessen and Ravioli, 5095 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, (510) 652-7401 and for Gregoire on Piedmont Ave.

Voting for the "best sandwich" is now closed. You can view the complete results in this article.

Watch for more Monday morning "Best of Piedmont 2012" polls over the next few weeks.


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