Letter: In Support of Measure Y

Piedmont residents Sue Lin and Reuben Rivera write in support of renewing the city's parcel tax.


 Twelve years ago, we moved to Piedmont to provide our children with access to one of the best public schools in the country. What has continued to delight us and enrich our lives has been the wonderful community surrounding the excellent schools.

Our children have thrived not only because Piedmont Unified School District continues to provide an excellent education, but because our family, in the company of our neighborhood friends, has been able to enjoy the many amenities of Piedmont:  the Harvest Festivals in Piedmont Park, the annual 4th of July Parades, the Cub Scout Egg Drop thanks to the Piedmont Fire Department; the Piedmont Police Department responding and following up on a road safety call; the Fire Department providing the all clear for our home carbon monoxide alarm, twice, in the middle of the night; street sweeping, tree trimming, the list goes on.

As our children seek greater independence as teenagers, we can only bear to let them wander around town because we know that we have access to a Police and Fire Department that will respond should the need arise. These services are important to our family.  For all these reasons, we are voting to renew the existing parcel tax by casting a YES vote for Measure Y.

Sue Lin and Reuben Rivera

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asalloway October 10, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I understand and agree that the services for which we pay are important and valuable. Many of us have lived here for over 30 years and have come to truly appreciate them. What I do not understand is your belief that the defeat of Measure Y will adversely impact these services. Please recall that 75% of the City's budget is devoted to employee salaries and benefits, resulting in total compensation packages averaging $160,000 per year (with extraordinary retirement benefits), a sum which, while I hope your family exceeds, is not the case for many in our City, especially those on fixed incomes. Presently, the amount of unfunded liabilities of our City is $40,000,000. Does all of this sound as if our City has exercised proper financial oversight and controls over the tax dollars you pay. Please just consider this when you choose whether or not to provide tax dollars again. Thank you.


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