Letter: It's Important to Renew Parcel Tax

Conna McCarthy Craigie writes in support of Measure Y on the Nov. 6 ballot.


I am working with Piedmont friends and neighbors to inform voters why it is important to renew the existing parcel tax with no increase in order to maintain existing services.

Parcel tax revenues help pay for Piedmont’s police, fire, paramedics, park maintenance, street and sidewalk maintenance and other city services and amenities. 

People often wonder what would be cut if the parcel tax is not renewed. Any proposed cuts could significantly affect the quality of life in Piedmont. For example, Piedmont has the lowest rate of violent crime of any city in Alameda County, even though we are entirely surrounded by the city with the highest crime rate in Alameda County.

The 2011 Municipal Tax Review Committee (MTRC) report stated: Parcel tax revenue has become an essential component of the City’s fiscal picture. Therefore, it is essential to renew the existing parcel tax at its current level before it expires on June 30, 2013.  The Budget Advisory Committee reached the same conclusion:  …If the parcel tax renewal measure on the November 2012 ballot fails to achieve a 2/3 majority, the Council will need to continue to place parcel tax measures before the voters or face the unpleasant prospect of having to make unprecedented cuts in programs….

A vote for the parcel tax will help maintain high-quality municipal services and help preserve our investment in Piedmont.

Vote Yes on Y on November 6.

Conna McCarthy Craigie

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