Popularity Contest: The Most Read News Story of the Week

The Patch readers respond to wars of words over Blair Park.

A common theme in the top stories this week was a war of words over Blair Park and Moraga Canyon, whether it be a civic procedure or the prospect of oaks being felled to make way for an athletic field.

Among the announcements, the second most popular one made use of three exclamation points at the end of the headline. Patch would urge announcement posters to be sparing in the use of exclamation points. You ain’t necessarily adding to the excitement factor with exclamation points. And don’t go nuts with the bold-face, either!!!!


  • Mayor Barbieri Supports Planning Commission
  • Letter to the Editor: Good Design Review is Essential in Piedmont
  • The Oak Seedling, The Irony And The Email Campaign
  • A Center for the Arts Grows in Piedmont
  • Piedmont High Launches Summer Service Academy


  • Summer at the Piedmont Recreation Department: Camp Cottontail Spaces Still Available!
  • Summer at the Piedmont Recreation Department: CAMP 94611 Middle School Only!!!
  • Help Build the Bay Area's Blueprint for Sustainable Communities and a Prosperous Future
  • No Booster Shots, No School!



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