Car Theft Dominates November’s Crime Report

Although crime was low in November, it was an all-month high for motor vehicle theft.

After a downward trend in motor vehicles thefts over the past six months in Piedmont, November chalked up seven recorded car thefts. Previous months saw just two or three stolen cars. Overall this year, Piedmont has had 39 motor vehicle thefts.

These numbers are up from 2010, when there was 22 motor vehicle thefts recorded by this time of year, and are akin with numbers from 2009 when 40 vehicles were reported stolen in January through November.

In November this year, the majority of the cars were , but Piedmont Police Chief John Hunt said the holiday didn’t have much to do with this spate of crime.

“For Piedmont what’s typical is the randomness. The suspects happen into town and find cars to their liking,” Hunt said. “The time of the year doesn’t really matter. It’s very hard to combat and deter crime like that, but we’re trying the best we can.”

Car theft aside, overall crime in Piedmont was low in November, with 18 major crimes recorded. After a with 23 crimes recorded, including three robberies, violent crime in November was nil. There were no homicides, rapes, robberies, assaults or arson, which is typical for Piedmont.

Non-violent crimes such as burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft are what continue to make up the numbers for criminal activity in Piedmont. Besides the seven car thefts in November, there were also four burglaries and seven larcenies, which are below-average tallies compared to other months.

Click on the PDF above to see Piedmont crime statistics to date for 2011.


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