City Plans Smoke Testing of Sewers Aug. 7-21

You may see smoke coming from manhole covers, building foundations, roof vents.

From a City of Piedmont notice:

Between the dates of Aug. 7–21, 2012, E2 Consulting Engineers will be smoke testing certain sanitary sewer lines within the City of Piedmont. Work will occur Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Notification will occur again one to two days before the test via door hangers that E2 employees will post as the work progresses.

These tests involve blowing harmless smoke into parts of the sanitary sewer system to find damage, improper connections and where unwanted storm water may be entering the City’s sanitary sewer system. As a result, smoke may be seen coming from roof vents, building foundations, catch basins, clean-outs, down spouts, broken sewer laterals or manhole covers. The smoke will not enter your home or business if it is properly plumbed, vented, and the water traps contain water.

The city's map showing areas where testing will occur is attached above. For more information, see the smoke testing notice on the City of Piedmont website.

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