Piedmont Seeks Volunteers for City Commissions

Applications are due by Friday, March 23. The city council will interview applicants for all committees and commissions on Thursday, March 29.

The City of Piedmont is seeking applicants for upcoming vacancies on several city commissions and committees.

Applications for the volunteer positions are due by Friday, March 23, and Piedmont City Council members will interview applicants on Thursday, March 29.

There are 10 vacancies on two proposed committees that may be established by the city council at its March 5 meeting:

  • A Budget Advisory Committee, which newly elected Mayor John Chiang announced Feb. 21 that he hoped to establish within 45 days. The committee would focus on the city's municipal budget and long-term fiscal planning. The committee would have five members.
  • A new Public Safety Committee that would continue the work of the previous committee of the same name. Raymond Marshall, chair of the 2010-2011 committee, recently urged the city council to form a new board to continue working on recommendations for the community's public safety. He noted the Piedmont Police Department's email alerts and neighborhood meetings as outgrowths of the committee's work. The committee would have five appointed members.

Several ongoing committees and commissions have upcoming vacancies as well. In some cases, those result from an incumbent commission member's current appointment expiring. Those are noted in parentheses below. Incumbents must reapply if they wish to continue, and other applicants will be considered for those slots as well.

  • CIP Review Committee, one vacancy (one incumbent). The committee makes recommendations to the city council regarding the expenditure of the capital budget (construction, repair or rehabilitation of city facilities).
  • Civil Service Commission, three vacancies (two incumbents).
  • Park Commission, three vacancies (two incumbents).
  • Planning Commission, one vacancy (no incumbents).
  • Recreation Commission, one vacancy (one incumbent).

An application form and a description of commission members' duties are attached above as PDFs. You may also download copies at the City of Piedmont website.

For more information, contact the City Clerk’s office at (510) 420-3040.


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