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Space Shuttle Endeavour Flies Over Piedmont

The space shuttle Endeavour passed over Piedmont en route from the Chabot Space and Science Center to the Golden Gate Bridge before making its final landing in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 21.

Piedmont residents who looked up in the sky a little past 10 a.m. were lucky to see the spectacular sight.

"It was so close you could nearly touch it" said Larry Dinnean of Scenic Avenue.

The shuttle, ferried atop a modified Boeing 747 jet, took a farewell tour, passing over Sacramento  and San Francisco, with its final destination the California Science Center in Los Angeles, where it will go on display. NASA had delayed Friday's takeoff by more than an hour hoping to reach San Francisco under clearer skies, according to the space agency's website

Endeavour will be placed on public display at the California Science Center. This is the final ferry flight scheduled in the Space Shuttle Program era. 


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