Vandals Spray-Paint Hall Fenway Bench

A crew will be working this afternoon (Wednesday) to return the bench to its original condition.

A clean-up crew was expected to begin work Wednesday afternoon to pressure wash a concrete bench in the Hall Fenway park that was spray-painted flamingo pink by vandals earlier this week.

The Hall Fenway is a quarter-acre landscaped parklet that connects upper Wildwood Avenue with Crocker Park. 

Workers from the outside contractor The Washing Wizard will use a pressure washer in an attempt to remove the paint from the bench and the surrounding area, according to Mark Feldkamp, parks and project manager with Piedmont's Public Works Department. A graffiti removal agent will be used if the pressure washing alone doesn't do a complete job, he said.

Feldkamp said the department may apply a clear sealant to the bench after the clean-up to make paint removal easier in case of future vandalism.

He estiamted the cost of clean-up at $300 to $400.

The paint job was reported to the Piedmont Police Department at 7:19 a.m. Monday by a local resident. The vandals signed their work as "The Painters."

Feldkamp said he's noticed other spray-paint vandalism in Piedmont recently, including a fire hydrant tnear Piedmont Park that was painted purple.

Landscaping of the Hall Fenway was one of the initial projects taken on by the Piedmont Beautification Foundation (PBF) after its incorporation in 1964, and the PBF remains responsible for maintenance of the area. The project included installation of a memorial plaque honoring Susan G. and Herbert E. Hall. The Piedmont Garden Club also contributed to planting the small park.

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