Fantasy League Revisited: The Point System

FSL participants deleted a Facebook page devoted to the league but leaked the names of some girls listed on it, according to an article on the New American media website. Girls received varying numbers of points for engaging in different sexual activiti

Male athletes at Piedmont High School who operated a so-called "Fantasy Slut League" gave girls points based on the sexual acts they performed and leaked the names of some girls who were listed on an FSL Facebook page, PHS students told the writer of a Nov. 1 article on the New American Media website.

"The way the League works is based on a point system," a female student told Sean Shavers, a 20-year-old content producer with NAM and Richmond Pulse. "You earn points based on the sexual acts you do, so like kissing is one point ... strange sex is five points."

The FSL came to public attention last month when Piedmont High Principal Rich Kitchens sent a letter to PHS parents describing the league's activities and the school's plans for addressing the issue.

According to comments appearing on Piedmont Patch articles, the league was modeled on fantasy sports leagues, where participants "drafted" girls for their teams — generally without the girls' knowledge — and scored points when their "players" were reported to have engaged in a sexual activity.

"The football players had a private page on Facebook that nobody really knew about but once the story broke they deleted the page and all information along with it," another student told Shavers.

"Some of the guys who controlled the page started leaking some of the girls' names and a few of them have been getting teased for it. Guys are calling them sluts and hoes, just really degrading things."

A male student quoted by Shavers described the FSL brouhaha as "funny and ridiculous."

"Piedmont girls will do anything to be popular," the student told Shavers, "no matter what it takes ..."

You may read the complete article here

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nancy vicknair November 13, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Conna-I doubt this was international story as you stated above.The mainstream media does not really care as much as you think about this small subject. I personally found the story enlightening-and unbiased.Also, I do not know any bloggers that use aliases unless they are famous or those who don't won't to be harassed by other posters..
nancy vicknair November 13, 2012 at 04:05 AM
This is important news and is a typical reflection of some boys view of girls. THANKS PATCH
nancy vicknair November 13, 2012 at 04:07 AM
This seems to involve boys ratings of GIRLS not the other way around. Nothing that labels and rates girls a sl^ts is unimportant.
ml1999 November 14, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Patch, keep up the good work.
junior girl December 05, 2012 at 04:41 AM
Thanks for keeping it real Mrs Rubenstein. Although I don't know you, you seem smart and a good role model. As a female student looking for smart adults on this website, I gotta say that you and Mrs McCarthy rock big time! You ladies are reasonable and realistic.,,,,wish you taught at PHS. Students do find it creepy that parents are spending so much time online talking about what we do at parties. My mom waits up and talks to me when I get home from a party. We talk and keep it real. She doesn't always agree with me and she says it to my face. She doesn't freak out online like some of the hypocritical ladies on this site. As a girl who was invited to participate in a FSL set up by girls, I find much of what people have said very, very hypocritical. Everyone knew the girls set up leagues too. Why didn't Principal K research before sending out a misleading email that was so WRONG? Thanks to Mrs Rubenstein and Mrs McCarthy for being smart women that are good role models for girls.


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