Voting Starts in Kindergarten at Corpus Christi

Students cast their ballots electronically Tuesday in a mock election at the Piedmont K-8 school.

With 265 votes cast, Barack Obama handily defeated Mitt Romney for the U.S presidency, 179 to 86 — at Corpus Christi School.

Students at the K-8 school on Estates Drive cast their ballots electronically Tuesday in a mock election, with ballots becoming longer and more complex in the upper grades. Results didn't always mimic those of the adult electorate: the young voters approved Proposition 34, the death penalty repeal, 54-39, although adult voters defeated it statewide. 

The Corpus Shristi students also gave solid majority "yes" votes to Proposition 37, labeling of genetic foods (defeated statewide) and Measure A1, the Oakland Zoo tax (which appears to be heading for defeat in Alameda County, with some provisional and late ote-by-mail ballots still to be counted).

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