Youth Vote: Mock Election at Corpus Christi

Students at Piedmont's Corpus Christi School will cast electronic ballots on Tuesday.

While their parents are voting at the polls Tuesday, students at Piedmont's Corpus Christi School will also be weighing in on election issues.

More than 200 students, from kindergarten through eighth grade, will take part in a mock election — with the ballot becoming more complex for older students.

Kindergarteners will choose between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, according to a press release from school officials, while students in grade one through three will also be voting on Measure A1, the Oakland Zoo measure.

Fourth and fifth graders will also vote on state Proposition 37, on labeling genetically engineered foods, and sixth through eighth graders add a vote on state Proposition 34, the death penalty repeal measure.

Corpus Christi computer teacher David Malone has created electronic ballots and set up six voting booths just outside the computer lab. The results will be automatically tallied and announced to the students the following morning.

“This is the second time that we have done electronic voting for a proposition and president,” said school librarian Alex Walton. “The children seem to thoroughly enjoy the experience, which I think is an important first-step in grooming the future voters of America."

Walton, seventh grade teacher Diane Twomey and fourth grade aide Trish Ratto are in charge of this year's mock election.

The Student Council will help man the polls and hand out "I Voted" stickers.

"I was so proud to wear the ‘I Voted’ sticker after the last election,” said Tyler Manca, Corpus Christi seventh grader and Student Council member. “It really felt like we were all a part of the election process, and I learned a lot about politics. I'm excited to vote this year!"

Throughout the day, Corpus Christi students will also get a chance to observe real-life voting at the adjoining church’s Gibson Center polling place, one of Piedmont's five official polling locations.

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Jim Faison November 09, 2012 at 07:30 PM
No comments, of course!!! The crusaders became the comets a decade ago so we wouldn't upset the 'sensitive' Cirriculum followup at St. Marys College Preparatory High School in Berkeley and Bishop O'Dowd in East Oakland will follow up on the 'social justice' aspect of the 'mission statement' Would the vote differently on 'three strikes' and the 'death penalty' if homes being burglarized in this part of Oakland/Piedmont. (see prev. Patch articles) Many Corpus Christi families lost homes in the Oakland Hills Fire too. The students of Mr. Malone should start writing letters to remove the high fuel non-native trees in the hills of Oakland/Piedmont, and across Park Blvd. in the canyon of brush that can't be addressed by heliocopter due to the high voltage power lines through the canyon and across the school yard.


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