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Book Tree
6123 la Salle Ave, Oakland, CA 94611
Book Tree offers new books such as Calvin and Hobbes cartoon books and Darwin Awards 4. It also offers travel books onMore California and Italy. Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is offered in the fiction section. Some of the aisles are narrow, but the owner is willing to help you with your book selection. Book Tree also offers children's books and mysteries. Book Tree shares its space with Montclair Pharmacy.
Juniper Tree Fashion
3303 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

The store has re-opened as Juniper Tree Vintage at 1320 Park St., Alameda, as of May 5, 2012.

Juniper TreeMore Fashion offers a range of moderately-priced women's clothing of various labels. Summer styles and casual-wear fill the store, which also carries a range of jewelry and accessories, both new and vintage, as well as bath and body supplies and greeting cards. The store's colorful selection and friendly staff draw customers looking for new styles.

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