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Wareham Development and City of Emeryville Awarded Grand Prize for Economic Development Partnership for the EmeryStation Greenway Building by CALED

Wareham Development and City of Emeryville Awarded Grand Prize for Economic Development Partnership for the EmeryStation Greenway Building by CALED

Emeryville, CA, April 29, 2013— The EmeryStation Greenway Building, Wareham Development’s newest addition to its EmeryStation research campus on the east shore of San Francisco Bay Area, was awarded the Grand Prize for Economic Partnerships by the California Association for Economic Development (CALED). 

The nomination for the award was submitted by the City of Emeryville.  The award honors development projects between the public and private sector that exemplify the spirit of partnership during 2012. 

“Wareham Development is proud of our public/private alliance with the City of Emeryville over many years,” says Geoffrey B. Sears, partner at Wareham Development.   “Next year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Amtrak Intermodal Transit Center, which was one of the first projects of this public/private partnership in 1994,” he added. 

The EmeryStation Greenway Building project received this prestigious award based on its innovation and creativity, employment impact, tax base growth, and leverage of private investment.

The former Emeryville Redevelopment Agency invested $1.7 million to help clean up a contaminated site and remove other obstacles to development so that this $54 million project could be completed, bringing 150 jobs to the City.  The project completes a segment of a pedestrian/bicycle path spanning the City of Emeryville (the Emeryville Greenway) on an underdeveloped railroad right of way previously used as a parking lot and also creates a new public green space at the corner of Powell and Hollis Streets, which is the location of a significant work of public art.  

“The partnership between the City of Emeryville and Wareham Development has been built on trust, flexibility, and communication. With this foundation, we were able to work together to create a project that has strengthened Emeryville’s economy and created valuable open space for the community,” said Helen Bean, Director, Economic Development and Housing, City of Emeryville. 

“It’s another beautiful Wareham building for a great City and we appreciate the recognition,” said Sears.

For more information about Wareham Development, visithttp://www.warehamdevelopment.com


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