Happy Fifth Anniversary, Mulberry's!

Mulberry's Market is celebrating its fifth birthday today.

Mulberry's Market is celebrating today — it's been exactly five years since the store opened in 2007.

Those five years have seen 91,260 medium lattes and 82,624 ICEEs served up to customers, according to the market's newsletter.

Here's a look at some Mulberry's history, as reported in Piedmont Patch:

CFO Brings Real Milkshakes to Piedmont, the Nation "Piedmont resident Keith Milne is the CFO behind the frozen treat phenomenon that has overtaken the back corner of Mulberry's." Nov. 15, 2010.

Shoplifting Declines at Mulberry's as Owners Try New Approaches "A changed store layout, staff vigilance and calls to the parents of young shoplifters are paying off." March 14, 2011.

Who's Who: Isabel Aguirre, Mulberry's Market Manager "If you think Piedmont is a small town, consider the humble Mexican village where Aguirre grew up." July 11, 2011.

The Best Sandwich in Piedmont Comes From ... "... Mulberry's Market, the home town "hero" in our readers' poll." March 2, 2012.

Beach School, Mulberry's Hold Gift Drive for Foster Kids "CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) advocates for foster children — it's a terrific volunteer organization. Beach parents can check with their child's teacher for details. For others who'd like to contribute, gift wish tags are posted at Mulberry's." Nov. 30, 2012. P.S. today's the last day to participate, so stop by Mulberry's and help make a foster child's holiday a happy one.

And just for fun:

Today in Piedmont History: Plowing for Mulberry Trees "Wonder where Mulberry's got its name? Piedmont was once home to a silk industry, with large plantings of the mulberry trees favored by silkworms." Feb. 21, 2012.

For more information on the market, visit Mulberry's website.

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