Letter: 'Support an Excellent Public School System'

Piedmont residents Sue Lin and Reuben Rivera write in support of Measure A.


 As with so many other families, we moved to Piedmont for the excellent public schools. For the past ten years, our children have been nurtured and taught by the dedicated educational professionals that make up the Piedmont Unified School District.

As parents, we have participated in the educational lives of our children through volunteer opportunities. It is because of the time we have spent as volunteers that we unequivocally support the renewal of the school support tax, Measure A.

We have attended parent club, support club, budget advisory committee, curriculum forum, block schedule, and site council meetings for elementary and middle schools. From these meetings, we have learned that the quality of the education at PUSD comes from the exceptional caliber of staff and teachers.

We are grateful for this Administration's dedication and focus on supporting the students/children and for a School Board that continues to work well with the Administrators. The theme of "continuous improvement" rings true despite the years of PUSD budget woes which are the result of state government cuts.  An 8 year renewal of the parcel tax would allow the district to spend less time preparing and working on the passage of a parcel tax and more time on students and evolving curriculum.

The current tax which contributes approximately one third of the PUSD budget is set to expire. As a community, Piedmont residents have an opportunity to support an excellent public school system with a proven track record by passing Measure A.  

Sue Lin and Reuben Rivera

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