Council to Consider Bike Racks, Risk Management Policy

Also on the agenda for tonight's Piedmont City Council meeting: a proposal to make the city's Public Safety Committee permanent.

Piedmont City Hall. Photo credit: Charles Burress.
Piedmont City Hall. Photo credit: Charles Burress.
Bike racks, risk management and public safety will be on the agenda when the Piedmont City Council meets tonight (Monday) at 7:30 p.m. in the City Hall council chambers, 120 Vista Ave.

New funding for bike racks that's available from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District on a first come, first served basis has prompted city planning staff to ask the council's approval for a grant application. They propose small (two-bike) racks at nine locations, including the Civic Center area, the city tennis courts, the Piedmont center for the Arts, Piedmont Park and others. You may see the complete staff report here.

Also up for consideration tonight:

—Making the city's Public Safety Committee a permanent advisory body. The committee's current mandate expires in about three months. See the staff report here.

—Adopting a risk management policy and procedures for major capital improvements. The policy has been under consideration for nearly a year, and council members have previously made a number of recommendations and suggestions. The League of Women Voters of Piedmont also reviewed the proposed policy and made recommendations during the past year. According to City Administrator Geoffrey Grote, the latest revision of the proposal also includes detailed procedures for implementing the policy. See the staff report here.

The complete agenda for tonight's meeting and additional staff reports are available on the City of Piedmont website here.


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